Neighborhood Presentation: SynchroniCITY

We still need a name and the website continues to be tweaked (feel free to add suggestions to the comments), but on Sunday July 22 we presented the idea and online platform for SynchroniCITY to residents of Troparev-Nikulino during their weekly outdoor discussion forum.


The web application was developed by Alexey Sidorenko from Teplitsa Social Technologies, who converted the team’s concept, design and wireframe into a functioning, online reality in just a few hours.

The tool connects the offline, low tech mailbox method of involving residents to participate in solving local problems by giving them an online space to profile issues, discuss them, and access resources for solutions.
Essentially giving people a space of resources and discussion for neighborhood DIYism.


Hopefully after a test run with feedback from Troparevo, the tool can start to take root in districts across the city. We also want to incorporate barter among people to connect virtual and real space.

Check out the website here:

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