People make places… our week in Otradnoe

Author: Jona Piehl

Just back from Moscow where we hosted a workshop at Strelka Institute over the last week.

Together with 15 students from all kinds of professional backgrounds (just as we like it, from financial advisors and sociologists all the way to architects) we explored the district of Otradnoe in the north of Moscow — starting with a derive and ending with a grand finale where the students’ proposals around community building and strategies to facilitate communication and exchange were shared with the people of Otradnoe.

The group of people dressed up in red raincoats and A-Boards must have been a novel sight for a Thursday evening, and it was great to watch the level of engagement and interest from the audience.

Now, how can we sustain the momentum and maybe take some of the ideas further?

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TYIN Mitino: Designing Social Dialogue

Today we can say with certainty that half of the workshop is now complete, and sum up the results.

First day was entirely devoted to analyzing the site. Divided into groups, we examined all aspects of terrain, such as distances between objects, human flow, insulation, and even an analysis of the sound context. After a few hours in the sun, tired and sunburned, we all dispersed to our homes to prepare for the morning meeting.

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July 28 = Game Day in Voykvoskiy

Situationist soccer, badminton championships, furniture parkour obstacle courses, street checkers, dominoes… the fun is limited only by your imagination + enthusiasm. Come out and play!

Ко-оперативный блог горожан, и института «Стрелка»