Site Visit and Mapping Observations

The first day of the workshop turned into a site visit to Troparevo Nikulino,led by a cycling advocate living in the district.

DIY Traffic Counters

Theodore Ullrich of Tomorrow Lab built and deployed DIY traffic counters with workshop participants which were installed at three different locations in the district to measure vehicular traffic.

Balloon Mapping in Troparevo Nikulino!

Aurash Khawarzad of Change Administration led a group of participants to build and deploy a balloon mapping camera to take aerial photographs upto 1KM above the ground.

Иллюстрированный гид: самодельная картография с воздушными шарами и змеями

Инструкция по использованию счетчиков трафика

В рамках воркшопа Do:Tank для анализа трафика и подсчета количества машин на разных дорогах мы используем датчики, которые создал Ted Ullrich из компании Tomorrow Lab.

Датчики устроены на базе популярного микроконтроллера Arduino,  их принцип действия очень прост. Резиновая трубка (1) с запаянным концом располагается поперек дороги, когда машина или велосипед наезжают на нее, то давление воздуха внутри меняется. Это изменение считывает сенсор (2), подключенный к другому концу трубки. Микроконтроллер (3)обрабатывает информацию и сохраняет в память. Для питания подключается батарейка (4), а связь с компьютером осуществляется через USB-порт (5).

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Neighborhood Presentation: SynchroniCITY

We still need a name and the website continues to be tweaked (feel free to add suggestions to the comments), but on Sunday July 22 we presented the idea and online platform for SynchroniCITY to residents of Troparev-Nikulino during their weekly outdoor discussion forum.


The web application was developed by Alexey Sidorenko from Teplitsa Social Technologies, who converted the team’s concept, design and wireframe into a functioning, online reality in just a few hours.

The tool connects the offline, low tech mailbox method of involving residents to participate in solving local problems by giving them an online space to profile issues, discuss them, and access resources for solutions.
Essentially giving people a space of resources and discussion for neighborhood DIYism.


Hopefully after a test run with feedback from Troparevo, the tool can start to take root in districts across the city. We also want to incorporate barter among people to connect virtual and real space.

Check out the website here:

Велоанкета / Cycling Survey

Author: Make Make

В рамках подготовки к воркшопу в Тропарево-Никулине, направленного на развитие велоинфраструктуры Юго-Запада Москвы, мы проводим опрос горожан — как велосипедистов, так и тех, кто пока не пользуется велосипедом в городе. Пожалуйста, ответьте на вопросы и отправьте ссылку своим друзьям. Спасибо!


Day 4: Urban Tactics and Media Ecologies

After exploring several different case studies that were district specific, across several district and city wide, workshop participants have narrowed their research and interventions to examine the pressing issues, media ecologies and possibilities for urban tactics in three sites. While the three are related, the issues they will deal with are slightly different.

1. The Red October Site: an island in the center of Moscow, the former factory is a historic site that is privately owned. It is threat of being demolished and converted in to luxury condos by its owners. As a creative cluster, it has invisible and visible barriers of inclusion and accessibility. The goal of this group will be to map alternative experiences of the site to demonstrate its importance not just as a commercial district with real estate value, but as a site for educational potential, historic significance and a space for the arts.

2. Occupy Education: The Occupy Abai movement is a young social movement which is increasingly focusing its efforts on promoting alternative sources of media and education. While it uses mobile tactics of assembling and public lectures, there seems to be opportunity to support its strategies by looking at tactics from around the world that have supported and promoted educational issues in multi dimensional ways.

3. Synchronicity in Troparevo Nikulino: This district has a strong, active local community that has mobilize around several pressing issues which include cycling, construction and forest conservation. Our goal here is to create a tool that indexes issues and actions to provide a database for users to better engage with others and the concerns facing their neighborhood.

Research Map / Карта исследований

Author: Make Make

View КООП. Co-operative Urbanism in a larger map.

All the workshop locations, people’s complains and suggestions will be marked on the map: favorite spots in each district are marked in turquoise blue, complaints in red and sites for intervention are marked in yellow.

На этой карте размещаются все места проведения исследований и воркшопов, а также пожелания и жалобы жителей: любимые места отмечены голубым, жалобы красным и места предполагаемых интервенций желтым.

Ко-оперативный блог горожан, и института «Стрелка»