Day 7 – Wrapping things up, for now

Final day, and I have to say it has been a tough week. Tough and rewarding, actually. What started as a huge ‘mess’ of solution, problems, and frustrations was concluded with five project presentations. The ideas ranged from a bulletin board to cafés and festivals, and although the solutions were diverse in nature, they all were geared towards making the lives of people living in Yuzhnoportovy better.

In the end, what were the learning outcomes of this workshop? In the beginning we – the workshop facilitators – gave a value proposition to the participants: by the end of this workshop you would know how to 1) identify problems (cartography + ethnography), 2) propose solutions to problems (business canvas), and 3) sell your solutions to relevant stakeholders (brand + business canvas + cartography). So, not only did the participants come up with solutions to actual problems, but they also learned how to apply these methods to other aspects of life, too!

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