TYIN Mitino: Designing Social Dialogue

Today we can say with certainty that half of the workshop is now complete, and sum up the results.

First day was entirely devoted to analyzing the site. Divided into groups, we examined all aspects of terrain, such as distances between objects, human flow, insulation, and even an analysis of the sound context. After a few hours in the sun, tired and sunburned, we all dispersed to our homes to prepare for the morning meeting.

Site visit. Discussion.

Second day began with presentations from each group, information exchange and intense discussion of the results, all during an early lunch.


It was now time to move on to the design process. After a couple of hours of debates and book browsing, we dedicated the rest of the day to sketches. There was a specific task this morning – to present the first idea: a concept of an object that consisted of generic modules that combined itself in various ways.

The third day, which marked the middle of the workshop, was in some sense a turning point.

The morning meeting began, as always, with delays and excuses, but was nevertheless, extremely productive. Each group approached the problem in its own way, which may have been dictated by differences in the methods of analysis, but later resulted in finished design. Some sunk their heads into design development of each element, while others worked on simple modules, combining them into more complex forms and working with the functional zoning area. Some groups have also prepared a mock-up, in order to visualize the resulting material.

This sort of variation allowed us to share ideas, and to adequately criticize each other’s projects subjectively.

The outcome of the discussion was the decision to use two basic modules that would allow maximum variations of the final form of objects. Moving from micro to macro, we continued our work, arranging the objects in the field, and following one task of preparing several master plans for the morning, one of which would eventually be the starting point for the construction of facilities and the environment.

Despite the fact that today was scheduled to start the actual construction, we postponed the physical work till morning, for technical reasons, confining our work to 3D models and studying the tools with which we would be working.

In anticipation of tomorrow, we again disperse to our homes to meet on the site in the morning and, at last, try on the role of builders.

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