Day 4: Urban Hacking with Florian Riviere

Hi! Can you believe it’s Thursday already? We definitely cannot.
Today was the “come back to your childhood day”: as when we were kids, we were walking through the neighbourhood looking for things to play with. The city is still full of wonders, but some of them the adults do not see anymore, and others they are hesitant to use: playgrounds, for example. We believe that there is enough place in the city and on playgrounds for children and adults alike. That’s why we created a parcour/urban fitness track – except that we didn’t make anything, we just went looking for suitable objects.

In addition to parcour track we also found an easy way to play badminton with a net, without the actual net: construction site barriers help us again.

But children still beat us at thinking as children sometimes) The last element of our parcour we glimpsed after a little boy. We called it “urban sledges”, and believe us – it is breathtakingly fun! Even a serious middle-aged woman who was passing by was amused by the idea, not to mention a young cyclist. All you need is: two halves of a plastic bottle, any underground passage and some boldness.

But if you are reading this blog for more serious interventions, you will like our bus stop hacking. We decided to hack an abandoned bus stop back on Tuesday, and today we discovered that somebody already began this by placing a chair in its center. We only had to add the corner-shelves which we thought about initially.

Since this day was devoted to thinking like children, we left several books for children on the shelves. They say that bookcrossing is dying in the age of e-readers, and maybe it is true, for who needs a used paper book when you have torrents or, may the gods of internet give it peace, megaupload. We think that children might have use of them, since their books usually have colorful pictures and an overall magical feel around them which is difficult to scan. Let’s see if it works!

If you are in the mood for more sad details, we regret to tell you that a lot of Make-made adverts for the community event on Saturday which we posted in the area were torn down within hours. We used tape instead of super strong toxic glue on purpose, in order not to damage the surface, but apparently somebody doesn’t like them anyway. Nevertheless, some posters survived the day, and hopefully we’ll see people at the event.

A small update on our first hack of the first day: the toilet seat serving as a basket ring was removed, and replaced by the broken original ring but at a lower height. The balls and the sticker stayed. A good hack of the hack, dear unknown activist! :)

We are coming back to Voykovskaya tomorrow at 16:00 to make a soccer field in the yellow cage in the park and perhaps do some other hacks before Saturday. Still feel free to join us!

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