Day 3: Urban Hacking with Florian Riviere

Hello again!
Today was the 3rd day of the urban hacking workshop with Florian Riviere, and today we hacked Strelka. It’s possibly the best place for hacking in Moscow because ‘locals’ are more than willing to play and hop along)
Today was all about Florian’s trademark hacking: urban games. After a short briefing and brainstorming, we decided to transform Strelka’s wooden amphitheater into a racing track, the bins – into “basket rings”, the concrete stair landing – into a maze, and the parking lot – into a hopscotch game.
If you do not like any of this, do not worry – we didn’t use spray paint, only chalk and multicolored duck tape, so Strelka as you know it is safe =)

The racing track turned out to be hard to climb, but you really feel like a king of the mountain in the end – see Anna’s victorious dance in the video!

The hopscotch is kinda symbolic: usually cars claim more than their fair share of pedestrian space, and now the playing pedestrians take their revenge!)

Last but not least, the maze is an attempt to reclaim the uninviting territory leading to Strelka: apart from being covered in trash and unfriendly-looking, it is also dangerous, because what seems to be a logical way down is actually a straight fall from a high platform. By suggesting the passer-by to enter the maze, we show them the right way in an entertaining and unimposing way.

By the way, we noticed three types of behavior around the maze: some people play it, of course (you are our heroes!), some just rush across the lines, but a peculiar few acknowledge its presence by walking around it cautiously as if they fear to really get lost if they enter it. Talk about magical thinking in 21st century!

We are back to Voykovskaya tomorrow – join us if you wish!

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