Day 4: Urban Tactics and Media Ecologies

After exploring several different case studies that were district specific, across several district and city wide, workshop participants have narrowed their research and interventions to examine the pressing issues, media ecologies and possibilities for urban tactics in three sites. While the three are related, the issues they will deal with are slightly different.

1. The Red October Site: an island in the center of Moscow, the former factory is a historic site that is privately owned. It is threat of being demolished and converted in to luxury condos by its owners. As a creative cluster, it has invisible and visible barriers of inclusion and accessibility. The goal of this group will be to map alternative experiences of the site to demonstrate its importance not just as a commercial district with real estate value, but as a site for educational potential, historic significance and a space for the arts.

2. Occupy Education: The Occupy Abai movement is a young social movement which is increasingly focusing its efforts on promoting alternative sources of media and education. While it uses mobile tactics of assembling and public lectures, there seems to be opportunity to support its strategies by looking at tactics from around the world that have supported and promoted educational issues in multi dimensional ways.

3. Synchronicity in Troparevo Nikulino: This district has a strong, active local community that has mobilize around several pressing issues which include cycling, construction and forest conservation. Our goal here is to create a tool that indexes issues and actions to provide a database for users to better engage with others and the concerns facing their neighborhood.

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