Иллюстрированный гид: самодельная картография с воздушными шарами и змеями

Инструкция по использованию счетчиков трафика

В рамках воркшопа Do:Tank для анализа трафика и подсчета количества машин на разных дорогах мы используем датчики, которые создал Ted Ullrich из компании Tomorrow Lab.

Датчики устроены на базе популярного микроконтроллера Arduino,  их принцип действия очень прост. Резиновая трубка (1) с запаянным концом располагается поперек дороги, когда машина или велосипед наезжают на нее, то давление воздуха внутри меняется. Это изменение считывает сенсор (2), подключенный к другому концу трубки. Микроконтроллер (3)обрабатывает информацию и сохраняет в память. Для питания подключается батарейка (4), а связь с компьютером осуществляется через USB-порт (5).

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Transforming Public Space in Mitino: The Finale

The final modular interventions to create a positive public space, responsive to people’s requests:

A book exchange

A mini house co-designed by a kid who added the light and curtains

Lots of nice seating area, things to read and plants to be around.

A games box: Tic-tac-toe and chess / checkers

And a bike rack.

We also installed a chalkboard, DIY map and notebooks for feedback and people to express themselves.

The best part was probably the return of several kids who ended the day making their own toys after codesigning some of the spaces.

All these pieces can be moved and rearranged by the community depending on what they want. Unfortunately, it seemed rather than wanting them to remain there, people either wanted to buy them, take them home, advertise on them or… destroy them. So for now, they are no where.

Photographs by Alex Melnikoff

Today! Saturday, August 4

Day 5: Construction with TYIN, kids and participation

Yesterday, everyone was in their groove, and we had a lot of people join our ‘building block’ party. Mostly children, who were super enthusiastic and unstoppable. Nikita was back and his father claimed he had not stopped talking about coming to help us the next day. Two other young boys wandering the area joined us. All the kids helped with painting sanding, sawing and picking up scraps of wood.


Day 4 with TYIN: On Site Construction in Mitino

We finally got ourselves (and all the materials) to the site in Mitino, where the team began ‘constructing with wood 101′ – sawing, drilling, and avoiding self mutilation.

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Designing for Ownership – Day 6: Presentation

On the morning of the sixth and final day the teams finalized their prototypes and presentation materials. In the afternoon we went from Strelka to the park in Yuzhnoye Medvedkovo. Unfortunately there had been a bit of  miscommunication about the precise starting time of the event in the park. When we arrived at the amphitheater at around 15:00 the deputy of Uprava was already there, together with a small number of other interested people. She had understood 14:00 and she was not amused about our delay. Fortunately, she stayed and participated in the discussions during the presentations of the ideas and prototypes.


The workshop yielded quite a wealth of ideas and interventions, which I will describe here. As mentioned in the post about day 4, the two main problems that participants sought to address where:

1) lack of communication, and
2) lack of participation.

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Urban Conquest: DIY Neighborhood Games!

Randomly coinciding with Day 1 of the London Olympics, residents and urban hacktivists created and deployed their own games in Voykovskiy. Beginning midday, participants designed, constructed and played in spaces that had been underused, waiting to be activated.

Situationist soccer
Using found wood to build three goal posts in a recreational space in the park that was meant for basketball. Because the surface was less than ideal (and because many of us love soccer and situationists) it was the perfect (and perfectly random) game to play. Three teams, three goals.

More Badminton
Everywhere is a badminton court.

Swinging at the bus stop
Rope + a sawed plank of wood to install a swing at a bus stop.

Street Dominoes
A larger than life domino game to interact and occupy an unused public space.

More Checkers
With the help of locals who had been painting and maintaining the tram stop, we color coded a board days before and used cans to identify competing teams.

The Ultimate Race
We used tape and chalk boards to turn a shortcut where people climb over a gate to get to the train platform and skip buying tickets into a game. Players time themselves and record their scores.

Photographs by Maria Semenenko.

July 28 = Game Day in Voykvoskiy

Situationist soccer, badminton championships, furniture parkour obstacle courses, street checkers, dominoes… the fun is limited only by your imagination + enthusiasm. Come out and play!

Day 4: Urban Hacking with Florian Riviere

Hi! Can you believe it’s Thursday already? We definitely cannot.
Today was the “come back to your childhood day”: as when we were kids, we were walking through the neighbourhood looking for things to play with. The city is still full of wonders, but some of them the adults do not see anymore, and others they are hesitant to use: playgrounds, for example. We believe that there is enough place in the city and on playgrounds for children and adults alike. That’s why we created a parcour/urban fitness track – except that we didn’t make anything, we just went looking for suitable objects.

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