Designing for Ownership – day 2: research


The second day - research day - of the workshop ’Designing for Ownership’ was dedicated to fieldwork research in the area. Make and Shriya from Partizaning had done some excellent preparatory fieldwork, so we did have a pretty good idea of what to expect. In a sense this fieldtrip already was a follow-up research and second iteration. We started this second day with a brief introduction of how to do fieldwork research. Then we went together to Yuzhnoye Medvedkovo to get a better understanding of the neighborhood and talk to as many people as possible.


We split into two teams: one ‘green team’ that did research in the park, and a ‘grey team’ that did research in the residential area. These were the locations that we felt were the most important to pay attention to. The teams were instructed to do a SWOT analysis of the area: what are its present strong and weak points, and what are the potential future opportunities and threat for this neighborhood? They also had to collect as much information as possible about the various stakeholders in the area. We also talked to a very active neighborhood dwellers, Genya, who has been trying to realize change in Medvedkovo and contributed many ideas for improvement.


We used Google Maps to pinpoint issues to locations if possible. We also shared fieldwork notes and audio-visual media by using Google Drive. Click on the map below to go to the annotated map with some visual impressions:

Designing for Ownership – day 1: introduction

From 9 − 14 July 2012 the six-day workshop ’Designing for Ownership’ takes place at Strelka Institute in Moscow. The workshop is part of a series of Summer at Strelka workshops aimed at a practical change in the city’s microrayons. Our microrayon is called  Yuzhnoye Medvedkovo (south Medvedkovo).

This workshop aims to help create an actual long-lasting change for the better in an urban neighborhood in Moskow. This is done by bringing together creative workshop participants and various neighborhood stakeholders (citizens, local government, businesses, neighborhood organizations, and so on). The workshop aims to find out how these different people can communicate better with each other, by making a prototype for a product, an event, or a service that acts as a catalyst for conversation.

The workshop also aspires to create a methodology for activating citizens with the aid of digital media technologies that could also be applied elsewhere. How can we design a process that allows people to feel ‘ownership’ over their living circumstances, and actively participate in making their environment a better place?

On day one, introduction day, we met with the participants. Participants had received a workshop briefing (pdf) in advance. After we got to know each other, we presented an overview of the workshop’s aims and many examples of how digital media can be used to improve life in the city and to strengthen citizen engagement with their environment and each other. Below the presentation ‘Designing for Ownership: digital media and urban change’, by Michiel de Lange & Marc Tuters (2 MB).

Or check out the presentation on SlideShare [for some reason embedding does not work with this WP theme]:

Designing for Ownership workshop @Strelka Summerschool 2012


Observations from Yuzhnoe Medvedkovo

Mailboxes in Medvedkovo

Interesting mail received so far.


Yuzhnoe Medvedkovo

The first workshop begins tomorrow! Mobile City will work with participants to ‘Design for Ownership.’ Part of the workshop includes site visits and meeting with the community on July 10, 12 and 14th.



Installing mailboxes!

Research Map / Карта исследований

Author: Make Make

View КООП. Co-operative Urbanism in a larger map.

All the workshop locations, people’s complains and suggestions will be marked on the map: favorite spots in each district are marked in turquoise blue, complaints in red and sites for intervention are marked in yellow.

На этой карте размещаются все места проведения исследований и воркшопов, а также пожелания и жалобы жителей: любимые места отмечены голубым, жалобы красным и места предполагаемых интервенций желтым.

Ко-оперативный блог горожан, и института «Стрелка»