Day 4: Urban Hacking with Florian Riviere

Hi! Can you believe it’s Thursday already? We definitely cannot.
Today was the “come back to your childhood day”: as when we were kids, we were walking through the neighbourhood looking for things to play with. The city is still full of wonders, but some of them the adults do not see anymore, and others they are hesitant to use: playgrounds, for example. We believe that there is enough place in the city and on playgrounds for children and adults alike. That’s why we created a parcour/urban fitness track – except that we didn’t make anything, we just went looking for suitable objects.

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Day 3: Urban Hacking with Florian Riviere

Hello again!
Today was the 3rd day of the urban hacking workshop with Florian Riviere, and today we hacked Strelka. It’s possibly the best place for hacking in Moscow because ‘locals’ are more than willing to play and hop along)
Today was all about Florian’s trademark hacking: urban games. After a short briefing and brainstorming, we decided to transform Strelka’s wooden amphitheater into a racing track, the bins – into “basket rings”, the concrete stair landing – into a maze, and the parking lot – into a hopscotch game.
If you do not like any of this, do not worry – we didn’t use spray paint, only chalk and multicolored duck tape, so Strelka as you know it is safe =)

The racing track turned out to be hard to climb, but you really feel like a king of the mountain in the end – see Anna’s victorious dance in the video!

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Day 2: Urban Hacking with Florian Riviere

Hey, folks!

It’s a small report on our second day at Voykovskaya on Florian Rivier’s workshop Urban ConQuest.

We’ve been very anxious to come back after the great fun we had on the first day when we made an “Ochko-basket” instead of a broken basketball ring. This day we renewed it by adding layers of yellow and blue tape to the paper balls. In case you are going to make your own: balls with cramped paper inside are better than just cramped tape, and fly more steadily.
We had a lot of plans for the second day, including: a pop-up art studio or trees memorials on the tree stumps near the tram tracks, the renewal of an old pool-like children’s place, using metal nets for pop-up lunch bags and get-the-ball-on-the-rubber-string-into-papercup portable game etc., but first and foremost we wanted to make a hammock.

The thing is, we found similarly useless low fence made of metal tubes in the area where many people complained about lack of sitting places. Funny sidenote: when we were asking people about their preferred outdoor games, men talked about ball games and card games, but women tended to talk only about the games their children played. To the direct question about their own preferred game activities, they replied “We grew out of it”. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but it is sad nevertheless. Anyway, the lack of comfortable seats worried everybody.
For the hammock we used green fabric net from the construction site, which the workers kindly allowed us to take. Thank you again, if by any chance you are reading this=) To make a stronger frame, we used ordinary string, and wrapped the green net two or three times around the frame and the fence. We managed to get a strong and comfortable seat which literally everyone can reproduce.


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